Courtney and Darrel Bridal session

I am starting at the end of the shoot first. The Great Salt Lake, might not smell pretty at times, but for beauty it is hard to beat. Had to share a few from the lake (had a very rough time picking some favorites to share).

We actually started on the roof top of the Walker Center

Then moved down to the street below.

A few closeups...

A few more at the Great Salt Lake.

Thanks for looking!


Courtney and Darrel Engagements

Engagement sessions are fun! First a couple of photos of beautiful Courtney.

I better not forget Darrel the lucky fiancee.

Courtney, is "quirky" (in a good way), fun and well it is easy to see how Darrel fell for such a great girl.

Jumping off a rock with an umbrella is totally a Courtney thing to do!

Now for some of those toned (black and white, sepia etc.) photos of the engaged couple. They look good to together don't they!

I liked the umbrella so much here is a straight color version.

Back to those toned images Courtney loves...

It was a blast!


Portraits of Andrew and lindsay.

Some older photos of my little brother and his wife. Just wanted to share some awesome photos of really good looking people:

Oh I forgot to mention the little dog, Maggie...

Maggie is the harry little apple of Mom's eye!

This is one of my favs...

OK, for the traditionalist, here is the same pose as the first but with smiles...

Thanks for looking.
I love doing individual portraits (one person photos). It really gives you the opportunity to focus on a single person and get great photos. These photos were all done on main street Bountiful.

Airen was great, a real pleasure to work with...

I can't decide if this one below or the first is my favorite...

I get criticism for not showing enough smile photos. So here is another of those smiling photos;)